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A forum for retired and semi-retired men & women who would like to extend their social circles

Probus Clubs worldwide work to provide regular gatherings to those retired or semi-retired business and professional men & women who, in their retirement, appreciate and value opportunities to meet others in similar circumstances and of a similar level of interest.

At Scarborough Probus, whilst adhering to these principles we pride ourselves above all on being friendly and inclusive.

Membership of Scarborough Probus enables members to forge new friendships with people from diverse backgrounds, to enjoy the benefit of meeting and hearing inspiring speakers and above all to have a great deal of enjoyment through participation in the club’s activities.


Meetings & Activities 

We hold regular meetings on the first and third Tuesday of each month, lasting approximately 90 minutes. We do not meet in August.
First there is an informal half hour for coffee and biscuits,  followed by an hour with a presentation by an invited speaker. Topics covered range from archaeology to citizen’s advice, often with audio visual presentation and attendances average between 40 and 50 members.


Social Activities

Social Activities are arranged including visits to places of interest, at least two being held each year. Friends and family are always welcome on these outings.

We also have two special meals each year – a summer lunch during the August break season and a Christmas dinner.

Forthcoming Events

Nothing planned at this time